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General Guidelines 

Entrance to the port area (map)


Driving instruction guide for Finnlines & Fjärdvägen cargo

Driving instruction guide for Finnlines passangers 

 Port and terminal handbook


Port regulations

Port of Naantali waste notification


Waste Management Instructions

The Port of Naantali strives to protect the Baltic Sea by ensuring that all waste from the vessels calling into Naantali is correctly sorted and disposed to the port’s disposal stations.The successful operation and development of the port’s waste management system requires filing re-filled waste notification from all vessels. It’s also essential that waste management instructions will be followed in the port area.The waste management instructions of the Port of Naantali are based on the legislation on waste management issued by the European Community and the State of Finland. We have 4 waste disposal stations in the port area (please see the map).

Waste Management Instructions  & Disposal Stations for the vessels


Safety guide

Rail Network Statement 2020

Rail Network Statement 2019