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Environmental policy

(ISO 14001, clause 5.2)

The management of Port of Naantali Ltd’s environmental issues is guided by the environmental policy which has been approved by the Managing Director. The policy is public and is informed throughout the organisation and it is ensured that that the policy is understood at all levels of the organisation. The policy shall be reviewed at a management review.

”The Port of Naantali is aware of its responsibility for the protection and preservation of the environment. Knowing the impacts on the environment lays the foundation for the development of the Port and implementation of the Port’s projects.

Environmental aspects are taken into account and the environmental impacts are followed while developing the Port’s operations. The same is also required from the Port’s partners and subcontractors.

The goals and indicators for environmental issues are determined in the company’s strategy. The goal is to decrease continuously the environmental disadvantage resulting from the nature of port operations. The Port of Naantali follows the state of the environment in its operating area, reports regularly on observations and changes, and informs openly about its plans that might have an impact on the environment. The entire personnel of the Port is aware of the environmental impacts of their operations and takes the environmental point of view into account in their own work.

To ensure positive development, the Port maintains good relations with the authorities, customers, local companies and inhabitants, as well as other key stakeholders.”


Led lights are saving energy at the port of Naantali area.