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The total traffic in the Port of Naantali was almost 7 million tons

In 2016 ca. 6,84 million tons of cargo was transported through the Port of Naantali. (the traffic to and from the oil refinery is included in the figure). The total volume of the traffic (loaded + unloaded) was almost exactly the same as the year before.

The amount of the foreign traffic accounted for 79 % of the total, almost 5,39 million tons. The domestic traffic, including coastal traffic and cargoes to Aland Islands, was 1,45 million tons and 21 % of the total traffic. The traffic from the main port and the Luonnonmaa part of the port area totalled 2,98 million tons, of which a little over 95 %, or 2,83 million tons, was foreign traffic. This leaves 5 % or ca. 150 000 tons of domestic traffic.

A total of 1,469 vessels called into the port in 2016. This is 110 vessels, almost 7 % less than the year before. The total net tonnage shrunk by 4 % and totalled 10,2 million NT. The vessels calling into Naantali last year were clearly larger compared to the previous.

Looking at the different cargo types; the extremely important unitised traffic, i.e. trucks and trailers on RoRo and Ropax vessels to and from Naantali, grew by 4 % or 65 000 tons in spite of the prolonged recession and the difficulties in the industrial branch in Finland. The total amount of unitised cargo was over 1,86 million tons in 129 482 trucks and trailers. The amount of trucks also grew by ca. 1 %, compared to 2015. The amount of passengers in Naantali was 163,336, of whom 54,580 were leisure travellers. The increase to the previous year was almost 10 %.

A total of 3,59 million tons of liquid bulk was transported through the port in 2016. The amount of traffic was constant compared to the previous year. Almost 97 % of the traffic was to or from the Naantali oil refinery.

The amount of dry bulk through the port in 2016 was over 1,02 million tons, which was ca. 8 % or 91 000 tons less than the year before. The decrease was largely due to the drop in the grain transports (-22 %) compared to the record year 2015. The other reason was the disruption from the dismantling of an old warehouse building and the building of a new one, which took 6 months.


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